The ultimate boy-racer track!

Rachel speed testing her car, approaching me at high velocity. Only kidding, looking back at the car along the Salt Flats Speedway (defined as a speedway by the traffic cones every half a mile in a straight line!)

For all you speed demons out there, just had a quick wander around the Salt Flats Speedway.

80foot wide, 10miles long and flat. Very very flat. And absolutely freezing at present. It's a perfect blue-sky day with the sun beating down (or so it seems) but after driving for 100 miles to get there (the length of the salt flats themselves), there was still ice frozen all over the car.

Unfortunately, we didn't have my little Gti to test out it's top speed, but if I have to rent a vehicle while I'm here, I know where I'm going for a speed test ;)

Will post some pictures tomorrow, it's Saturday evening which means drinks......

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