So that's what I'm going to miss...

I knew there was something that had been bugging me recently about what I really like about Ireland. And after just arriving home from an evening in the pub on January 2nd with a bunch of friends, that's what it is. The social scene and the sheer community aspect of Irish culture is fantastic.
No, I won't shed any tears over the weather, or the traffic (I affectionately call it HELL), but the sheer buzz amongst friends is amazing.

Before anyone starts thinking I've been drinking, afraid not as I'm just after driving back to Newbridge :) I'm just more aware of life in Ireland before I head off!

And on that note of driving, anyone want to buy a Peugeot Gti????
71,000 miles (timing belt at 60,000)
1.6 litre
900kgs (About 300 less than your average car)
120bhp (at least 50% more than your average car :)
400 miles on 40 litres in cross-country driving, about 330 around town (it's a bit thirsty around town due to the big engine
Sensible little car in lower revs making it great around town (although it's a little thirsty in town on petrol!), and absolutely manic once it's wound up!!!! Trust me, it'll put a smile on anyone's face :)
It's had very good life with me, and the last 35,000 miles are only in the past year and a half. All the full services (all Peugeot dealers, blah blah blah), etc. Same tires with loads of tread left after all that mileage also if that gives an idea of how nice it's been treated.

Trust me, it's a blast for anyone, and it's going for a good price........
Price them on Carzone if you want a rough idea on price, I'm not looking for as much as long as it goes to someone who'll look after it and is genuinely enthusiastic about it!

14 hours to go!!! and anyone know who to top-up a mobile phone?!?!

Happy Christmas & a Happy New Year all