How to spend a week in Salt Lake City

So, how did I entertain myself this week in Salt Lake?

Well, there was CB, R's Chihuahua (had to look the spelling for that up on Google :), to be walked. Turns out she's runs on Energiser batteries, cause I couldn't tire her out at all. And yes, she likes to model for the camera, contrary to R's opinion :)

And then there was lots of wanders around Salt Lake City itself, including the very-international Sugarhouse district.

Then there was the boarding. Oh the boarding. So far, they've had about 150inches of snow in total here at each resort and this is a bad year?!?!? What the????? Still though, up until Thursday morning it hadn't snowed for a full week so the snow was getting pretty packed. Until that storm that dumped another 2.4inches in 12 hours........they think they have it hard here :) No pictures I'm afraid, too hard to carry a camera, expecially as my boarding skills are appalling this year? Very weird, although I'm wondering if it's down to my long-term layoff from running sports in 2006 due to a disagreement with a tendon.... Sure hope so, I've another few days to go, so I'd better get better soon :) Surprised how many Irish there are here also, I'm not the first to realise the quality of this place!

And then there was more touristy stuff, namely Antelope Island. 15miles by 7, it's now a Nature Reserve with a single road along the edge of the island. You can guess it's a free-for-all with the animals. Full compliments, the US of A knows how to run a park!
By the way, thanks for the unofficial lend of the lens Dawid. Payment for lugging it home from the States ;)

And yes, I know some of you will think I'm daft but I ended up checking out one of the climbing gyms (or wait, is that climbing wall....). It's The Front. Some of you people who check out climbing sites will recognise the wall as the one that showed up from an American climbing competition where there's some seriously strong climbers showing their capabilities. Yes, it makes every wall in Ireland seem pretty poor, it's only really a bouldering wall (similar in height to DCU's), but the panels are curved, there's even more angles, and the problems are reset EVERY SUNDAY. Hmmmm, so is that all is the problem back home? Maybe I can learn from this myself..... Dave, you still got that plan for when you come back to Eire?

By the way, in case anyone is wondering. Yes. This place is awesome. Amazing. Fantastic. I'm sold.

My nose is on fire.....

Photos from Salt Lake