A shameless plug for my car on sale :) [Peugeot 106 Gti]

O.k., so it's cheeky but anyone interested in a fab little car?

See the post on the right hand side about it.

Firstly, it's not a little hair-raiser all the time, and most importantly for those of negative opinions towards little "Boy racer style cars" (someone else's words!), this looks entirely normal, never draws attention, and is very sensible to drive unless you want to work it hard.
HOWEVER, It's a blast, and it'll make anyone smile once you wind it up (trust me, I NEVER thought my sister would appreciate a car until last week when she drove me to Dublin in it ;). The site I 'borrowed' the picture below from reports that it'll do the quarter mile in 15.6seconds which seems pretty impressive for a tiny roadcar that was originally designed as a city runaround! I'm almost wishing I'd tried something like this now so I could confirm (although I can guarantee it's never been trashed :)

I've robbed a picture off the internet of it (this is the exact colour of mine, although I've the standard alloy wheels on it)

NOTE: not my car! Just the exact one I have, except I've the original wheels

It begins.....in 2-1/2 hours?!?!? and thoughts for the week

It's not as bad as it looks :)