Sex education for dogs, hair extensions, and rocket-fuel Carlsberg

Bet that title got your interest :)

You see, sex is big over here. I mean BIG. First idea of this was the articles about it in the Lonely Planet. The next was the 30minute discussion about it by my taxi driver (I'm not kidding), and his complete and utter shock that it wasn't very very common back home in Ireland. His attitude is that if you don't have a wife, you must be here for Go-Go girls (as they're known). All very amusing for us :)

And then there's the dogs. About 120,000 stray dogs, give or take. And they all look the same, crossbreeds with some type of labrador. Now I really like animals, but this is out of control. Lots of time is spent tenderly stepping over them (they're asleep in restaurants/coffee shops/bars on the floor). Makes for great fun.
And they're all sick with some weird and wonderful tropical disease, so it's very much a case of stay away, no rubbing. We had the sight of watching a guy pluck ticks out of a dogs hair last night that even we could make out from another table in a restaurant. They have to be burned with a lighter as they're tough enough to withstand being stood on. As lovely as I'm describing it :)
You can guess I wasn't too thrilled to have to dig out a 'creature;' from my calf today then! Those who are squeamish shouldn't read the next line......
Only took a few minutes and a penknife to dig it out. I've now got a 4mm hole in my leg. Gotta love Asia, it's all part of the experience.

So, other than that, it's not too different from what I can see. It's actually a lot cleaner than expected, there are tons of tourists here, and it's very Westernised. Carlsberg make the local brew - Chang, it's 6.4% so always gets you going. Not bad considering it costs 1.50euro for half a litre.
And then there's the hair extensions. When in Thailand, get some extensions (lots of people from 15-years to 70 walking around after having a set of dreadlocks attached) it seems.
Before anyone starts asking, no I haven't yet, especially after only chopping my hair before leaving. Maybe on another visit (bet you I'll have a few replies to that comment!). But since I wouldn't trust the piercing shops over here, could be fun for a laugh.....he he he..

Anyway, we've now a 12-hour overnight bus journey ahead to the paradise that is Krabi so I'm off to pick up a cheap t-shirt or two. Amazingly, they're also after getting very advanced over here. Not only do they have cheap CD's (about 1 euro per CD), but they'll even copy them onto your iPod/walkman with a laptop all shops now seem to have. And now, they're even copying movies digitally also. It's amazing how the pirates seem to be more advanced than some of the production companies :)

Can't find a pc that'll support my camera for some uploads so can't post anything. Will try soon.....
Have a good weekend all
Over and out, Neal :)

Life's a beach

15 timezones in 5 days, and THAT smell again :)