Return to the Real World, and crappy airlines

Well, now that I'm back in The Big Smoke (that's Dublin to all of you people outside of Ireland :), I thought a quick update was in order.

Firstly, how did the rest of the trip finish? Well, it was only two days (I left on Wednesday) but I did manage to get in a short trip to the Gilgal Gardens for some photos, some shopping (hey, even I go shopping :), two visits to the climbing gym (I'm being converted to Americanism ;), and dinner and drinks.

Basically nothing too exciting, but still a really good way to finish off the trip.

To all those, I bumped into while on travels, thanks so so so much. You know who you are, and I won't name too many names, but it was great, a truly fab bunch of people.
To my hostess and her little partner in crime (I still smell of dog :), a special mention. I will repay sometime, even if it involves making coffee every morning for you before work (as was the case for the past two weeks!). Thanks HAP, you're as star :)
B, a regular part of the group, cheers buddy, I owe you one. I wouldn't have climbed in Moab if it wasn't for you (although I think you wouldn't have climbed if it wasn't for me, so let's not think about it too much ;)

So, I'm now at home, and slowly re-adjusting to the 7 hour timezone difference. Harder than I thought as it turned out! I did get to visit Pittsburgh (if anyone is wondering what's there, as one of the guys on the plane said: "jet-fuel" :) due to a snow-storm in New York..... Speaking of flights, avoid Continental Airlines if you can! Even Ryanair's worst plane is more comfortable than the 'planes' they were using. I'm honestly in shock after it. Although I had been treated to luxury treatment while travelling to China, and also on this trip for part of the journey by Delta Airlines...........

Anyway, yes, I miss Salt Lake City...... :(

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