My nose is on fire.....

No, not due to anything else except the cold after the big storm came through yesterday. The temperature?
2 degrees.
That's -16 celcius.

And yet, weirdly, I'm only wearing a t-shirt and a single thermal top under my rain jacket while boarding. The joys of a low humidity :)
But yes, your nose does get a little cold. First time I can remember having that burning sensation in my nose (you know the one after your fingers have been freezing and the warm blood is going back to them :).

How did the day go? Well, the snow is still pretty poor (for here) so finding all the bumps tough. After some major re-adjustments to my feet angles on the board, I can now manage to ride in either direction. It's strange, it's the first year where I haven't got back to my best in a day or so. Maybe I actually am human after all and am just getting old :)

O.k. I'm now getting attacked (i.e. licked) by CB the Chihuahua so I think it's time for walkies. It's a tough life :)

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