Life's a beach

Touchdown in Paradise. What's Paradise called? Ton Sai Beach.

Firstly, where is it?
This link shouldg get to you a map from one of the local websites:

Since, the last posting, there was some much fancier than expected travelling on the public bus service (they gave us blankets, food, drinks?) overnight for 12 hours, a short taxi ride to Ao Nang village, and a long tail boat to Ton Sai Beach. Yep, I can't believe it but the easiest way to the village is to get a boat from either of the villages on each side of where we're staying. It's hard to properly describe.
Blue sky. No wait, perfect blue sky. Every day.
Blue water.
sheer limestone cliffs surrounding the village (hence the easier boat journey).
A gentle sloping tide going out onto the world longest coral reef.
Some bars, some huts for rent, some shops.

As peaceful as it comes (until of course the electrical generator starts up every afternoon to supply power to the village - no power before 7pm every day).
How warm is it? Well, I'm yet to have a warm shower at anytime of day or night but it's still a relief to jump into cold water :) Yes, the seawater is as warm as a cool bath. How very very odd! But I will get used to it.

Ton Sai is basically occupied by the climbers and travellers. There's Railay where you can go for your more upmarket trip - anything up to 800dollars per night is what we've heard. We pay 5 euros a night for three of us in our own little hut. I know which option I'll take ;)
Interestingly (for me), the Canadians seem to have taken over the place. Never met so much of them.

So, what do I call my day at present? Up at 7am and climbing by 8 (it's in the mid 30's celcius so you have to be finished by midday for a few hours). lunch in one of the local bars/restaurants, maybe climb in the afternoon, or else just go swimming. It's definitely not all about the climbing here, it's just too nice and too many other things to do. Kayaking, snorkelling, deep water soloing, the list goes on. We've yet to try any of them, but it'll happen.

The forseeable plan is another few weeks here, although we'll probably break it up by heading to a full moon party on one of the islands off the east coast of Thailand on Friday night. They seem to be an experience not to be missed. Not sure how up to an all-nighter drinking session these days but I'll try :) And yes, you sleep on the beach afterwards (the first morning we arrived, there were random people just passed out in various locations along the beach :).

Sooo, other than the nasty food bug I have today (when in Asia, get a food bug!), life is great. But on that note, I'm off to bed, more rest needed after my stomach gave up the fight against foreign foods (never ending green curries :).

If my photos ever upload (they're surprisingly advanced with a satellite internet connection here), they can be found in the gallery. I'm getting bored waiting :) Think I'll have to figure out another way to post pictures..........

Keep in touch y'all, over and out,
Neal :)

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