It 2-1/2 hours?!?!? and thoughts for the week

Sing along: "On the road again, la la la la lala la, on the road again" (eh, R, or anyone else, can you insert the words here?)

To all of those who I'm entertaining with this blog, I'll do my best. Can't guarantee anything though :)

It's now a ridiculous hour of the morning and I'm doing the final touches to collection! O.k., so I'd to make a few phone calls, send a few SMS's and emails, but that's essentially the end of my packing.
Sad ,I know, but I'm not leaving the country without a good collection of music, some audiobooks, some podcasts (spanish lessons and TIME magazine's top 100 albums), and of course some pre-recorded movies onto my new toy. Come on, if I was going to spend the money on my new photo storage drive, I may as well make the most of it!

On a final note, had a very weird experience in town on Monday. I was in doing some last-minute shopping and I was asked by a homeless guy for some money. Of course, my automatic answer was "no" (I don't normally give money directly to guys on the street, unless over Xmas - most donations go through several charities), but I suddenly hit me that I was bumming off around the world following a hobby and yet, there's quite a few people that are struggling to get food on the table. Made me feel a bit's amazing how you can just be lucky enough to be brought into circumstances that allow you by fancy cars (see post below), buy new toys, and go off on these trips/holidays...I'll count myself lucky and make sure I appreciate every bit of the trip, hopefully share some experiences with everyone else.

Soooooo, anyone else ever consider this before a big trip, or am I just an exception?

Useful for travellers

A shameless plug for my car on sale :) [Peugeot 106 Gti]