Interesting China article & THE best mobile phone going

Image of the soon-to-be Olympic Stadium in Beijing where migrant workers work 24hours a day in the rush to complete it for 2008

Since I know quite a few people were really interested in China, if you're looking for a great, and fascinating, article on China's current situation and it's rise as a global power, check out TIME magazine this week. It's the cover story, and extremely well written.
Alternatively, you can read it on their site here:,9171,1576831,00.html if you don't want to buy the article....

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You'll also find a good article about the new iPhone. It's about time someone stepped up to the plate and decided to figure out the flaws with mobiles. Why use tiny keys on a pad, when you can just type it on a keyboard - seems pretty obvious to me! And I'm sure hoping my favourite mobile operator at home decides to support the voicemail feature where they can be displayed onscreen ;)
If I wasn't going traveling, I'd be buying this for myself (and it's the first mobile phone I'd willingly consider paying for myself in a long time!).
TIME article (detailing the history of it's formation and it's capabilities) can be found here:,9171,1576854,00.html

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