Happy Christmas & a Happy New Year all

Update: Picture of the intro to 2007 can be found here:
Thanks to Andrea and Christian for the great picture :)

Well, it's 2007 and just wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Hope everything you wish for comes true, and it's a truly special year.

I've now suddenly realised that I'm only weeks away from my own adventure.
Excited? Absolutely!
Nervous? A bit, but that's expected :)

Bring it on, I really can't wait. The hard work kicks off in a week.

Having a great time chilling out in Enniscrone for the weekend with some good friends, and it's a great way to ring in the new year. Pity the weather didn't play ball, but you can't have it all. And considering we'd a good stock of movies, we couldn't complain. What was watched?
Rampage - classic movie from 1999
Dosage III - great footage from last year
E11 - insane video from 2006
Patagonia Dreams - Belgian Sean's adventure in Patagonia in 2006, amazing video.
Yosemite - Sean's other adventure from Yosemite in the US in 2005
Touching the Void - great documentary

Yes, you guessed it. climbing movies. I watched climbing movies all weekend cause the weather was shite. Talk about getting us all giddy to go climbing though, but with 150km/hr winds in Sligo nothing was going to happen! Still though, we did find a big wall along the road to mess about on and ring in the New Year. I'll try post the picture soon :)

Happy New Year!!!!

So that's what I'm going to miss...

great poster