First weekend Climbing :)

So after waking to an unfriendly wakeup call from the local Park Ranger (guess who managed to be in the country less than 36 hours and learn that they fine for camping for free in National Parks ;) to some amazing sights. This place is stunning, really really big and impressive. B was also having great fun with his pile of lens and trying them on my camera so hopefully I'll have some good shots uploaded in the next day or two.

completely forgot, the temparate from the night before? Well, I woke up at one point (before the 'alarm' clock) to find I litterally couldn't feel my feet. hmmm....... Anyway, the next day it turned out it had been 16degrees faranheit. A quick conversion on the phone and it's MINUS 10 degrees celcius?!?!?! What in the name of??!?!?

Anyway, it turns out it's a country of extremes, as I was climbing without a t-shirt (when B would let me as it turns out a red t-shirt looks better in photos :) by mid-afternoon. Awesome, I love this country :)

Anyway, we all ticked some routes and I know I'd a good day. boy, was it great to tie back into the sharp end of the rope once again, it's been at least 4 months......
The style of climbing: Sandstone, crimpy, technical, powerful, and great friction! I have to say I was enjoying the style, very un-France-sports-climbing. No wait, I was REALLY enjoying it :)

So, after an afternoon of routes, a quick drop-off of the tents and then it was.............VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!! Anyways, no I didn't step out of the car, seeing it from there was enough for me. Too much neon. A prime example of money being used for completely useless purposes :) It definitely looks outrageous anyways!

After that, we were tent-bound for another evening, not before making a severe dent in a bottle of Baileys. turns out it's popular over here! Speaking of alcohol, the strongest beer in Utah is 4%, and I got asked for my ID for the first time in about 6/7 years in Vegas. This country is great, didn't realise I still looked 21 ;)

And so onto Sunday. Not as cold the night before, very pleasant! Another day spent at the crag, this time a different venue but more of the same, steep sandstone :) got my ass kicked on a super steep route, some of the moves here are pretty out-there. Also, was amazed at how many pets were there - there were almost more pets than people. A real family day out, really good fun and everyone is sooo sociable and chatty here. I'm so impressed.
R was cruising trying some new harder routes (well within her from what I could see), and B was taking lots of shots. I was getting my ass whipped, I may be very strong at present, but I'm lacking in mileage :)

the afternoon was spent at a 'secret crag'. wow, 5 degrees overhanging. Lots of projects. B wanted to try a 5.13b so that's why we were there. He cruised up while working the moves. I'd a go after, some issues on the crux, but I think I was pretty shot by then after the early day on the steep stuff so didn't mind too much. I'll be back....
And now, only another 6 hours drive back to Salt Lake City....... I thought we were hard with our 3 or 4 to the Burren in Ireland! Although, this isn't every week, there's so much nearby........yes, I'm shedding a tear right now ;)

Photos from Salt Lake

budget airlines.....and automatic seatbelts?!?!