The first day, and it's only beginning to hit me!

What better way to realise you're no longer in The Real World than when your mobile phone is cut off (after disconnecting from the company bill - oops!) and you sleepilly arrive at Dublin airport at 6:30am. Now looking at a long 20 hours of travelling but it'll be worth it!

I'm amazed to see so many kids on the plane. Times really have changed with the arrival of cheaper flights. Personally I'm grateful as it suits my lifestyle, but I'm not so thrilled on all my airmiles. I've yet to find a way to support something to offset this in the longterm. I think I'll just have to keep promoting solar and wind power :)

Now as Eircom screw me for a euro for 10minutes of internet access (times are hard in Ireland, haven't you heard ;), I think I'll sign off and try find my missing shipment. Anyone know how to claim if something that's meant to be arriving by registered post doesn't arrive? I was really hoping to have my Archos 604wifi for this trip to play with it.....

On another note of shopping. I've just seen my 4GB memory card that I purchased on sale in the Duty Free in Dublin for 290euros. I paid 53 on Ebay for it. I wonder did mine fall off the back of a lorry in China, or are we just being ripped off? I'll take the latter option.

budget airlines.....and automatic seatbelts?!?!

14 hours to go!!! and anyone know who to top-up a mobile phone?!?!