15 timezones in 5 days, and THAT smell again :)

Well, an uneventful journey across. I was actually disappointed, I was hoping for a bit of an epic after only realising the day before that I didn't have a visa for Bahrain (which was my mid-point hop). Turns out you don't need one if you're just passing through :(
Anyway, for those who might query, yes, my flight details (when I booked the tickets) did originally say that I was flying to Doha in Qatar...... Don't ask me, I just got on the plane!

So, you guessed it - I'm in Bangkok. It's high 20's and humid. so so humid. but it's o.k., cause I'm now at the beginning of the adventure so it won't faze me for a while. Give it a few weeks I'd say!

My first impressions? Picture a big, I mean BIG, city. Maybe Paris, but a lot more claustrophobic. But there's an amazing vibe, it just seems to run through the streets. A lot of people moving around, and it has that proper big-city feel (unlike Salt Lake, where I felt much more at home).
As I walked through the airport after stepping off the plane, it still hadn't really hit me that I was now in Asia. That'll be my tiredness (an hour sleep the night before leaving and no more than 3 the night before that - blame it on last minute packing, and my wish to catch up with friends before leaving), but then I step into a restroom.
Clean-looking? yep.
But there's that smell, that slightly dingy-restroom-smell. Reminds me of China, only not as bad :) But this place is so much cleaner as a whole. And the noise. Or lack thereof. Relative to their huge northern neighbours, you could hear a pin drop here. Don't think I'll find this place too bad after all.

Anyway, bedtime now, there's going to be an epic this afternoon as I try to find Sean. But maybe not, things seem to be falling into place. Who'd have thought that by swapping seats on the plane so two friends could sit together would mean I'd end up sitting beside someone off travelling also, but also has exact directions to decent accomodation in town? Some things just work out, you just have to watch out for the signs :)

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