Why am I climbing?

Taken from Dave Graham's Pro-blog, thought this was a great description of why to put all my effort into climbing. I'll explain more in the coming weeks of what this all means :)

"Lots of hard routes, lots of strong friends, lots of big falls, and a hell of a lot more getting pumped! This is the good life. The life where sending means nothing, and trying means everything, the life where the only goal is to get fit, and feel good."

Also, for anyone looking to read some great stories from people travelling the world while climbing, check out the blogs here: http://climbing.com/exclusive/problog/
It's updated fortnightly by Dave Graham and Josune Bereziartu (both shit hard climbers). Makes for inspiring reading

3 weeks to Xmas.....oh ohhhh

I don't know about you, but my advent calendar is sorted......