Travel plans!

Well, it's now 6th December and I can eventually loosen my tongue now that all my work collegues know..........I'm going travelling/climbing!!!! wooohooooo :)

What's the plan? Well, two weeks in the States, then a couple of months in Asia climbing, before heading to Australia for 3/4 months, then New Zealand. Then everything goes vague, cause I could be in China (, or I might just hang around Australia & New Zealand.

So, there's going to be a bit of this (from the beach in Thailand), and this (from Australia) and probably a bit of this. Can't wait!!!!!

so, in preparation, I've had a couple of injections, some flights booked, and generally some thinking about what I need to bring! If there's anyone who's thought about this, what's the best idea for storing digital photos while on the road? Is a laptop worth it, or is it a theft magnet? All ideas are really welcome on this....

My playlist?!?!

3 weeks to Xmas.....oh ohhhh