Training ideas and organising your climbing year

For all of ye who have been asking me about training information.

don't worry, I'm putting together some documents with regards to training methods, ideas, etc.

in the meantime, find this great article up on Ben Moon's website/shop. It's by Katherine Schirrmacher, one his sponsored climbers. It's a great article on how to plan your year ahead.
If you ask me, this sort of thing is huge to help your climbing, it's up there with getting your head sorted out. How many people can you think of that should be climbing 2/3/4/5/6??? grades above what they currently climb, but their head won't let them? I know I can name a few, and I'd almost wonder if I should put myself in this category... Confidence isn't something I've got a huge amount of!

Anyways, stay tuned for the documents, I'll be posting them on the web soon...

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