New equipment for trip

So, I've been shopping a little bit before heading off. I've always promised myself that if I ever did a trip like this that I'd bring a good camera.
sooooo, on that note, I've a new Canon EOS 400d on order :) big thanks to Rachel for accepting the shipping in the States and saving me some cash!

And then, to stock the photos I had to get a storage device.....and well, I decided to buy myself a toy for this. So to use as a photo storage device, I bought an Archos 604 wifi. It's got a 30GB drive so is capable of holding lots of photos, and lots of music, and I might even fill it up with a movie or two to occupy myself while travelling :)
This little toy has internet access also so it might even save me some cash and the use of internet cafés (obviously as long as there's somewhere with free wireless internet access of course).

and then of course, there was the issue of backing up. I have TRAWLED the internet, talked to loads of people on this, and no one seems to have an ideal solution. so, I'll be using two methods while away. Firstly, I'll probably drag along some blank CD's, get them burned and post them home. And then, on top of that, I bought this Archos Gmini Xs202 as well. Basically it's a little hard drive. So, I'll keep this stashed at all times and just use it for backing up images (it can be plugged directly into the other device without a computer for doing backups). Sweet.....
and yes, it was a little daft buying all this, but as I said, I really wanted to take some good pictures while away on this trip!

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