Amusing look at the year musically

O.k., I haven't seen this site in ages, but JibJab has an amusing video up with a brief history of the year. Amusing to watch, and it has a pretty good dig at everyone in the world so it's basically being offensive to everybody which is always good!

Oh, you mightn't want to play it over speakers in work ;) nothing dodgy on screen, but the words aren't the most politically correct!
Some of other videos linked off the page are worth viewing also.....

On another musical note, check this out. It's mad by a Norweigan bloke that has no clue about music, but seems to know what's doing with video editing software. It's not going to improve your life in any way, in fact it's probably a waste of 3 minutes of your life, but isn't that what YouTube is there for!??!!?

BaseJump Ireland

1:30am and the Wii is on sale!