3 weeks to Xmas.....oh ohhhh

Wow, that came around fast.
Suddenly, I'm counting the days to Xmas, which means that yes I've no presents and I'm having to get the right training in before the Christmas period without access to the wall. So, having said that, it's a diet of intervals and mileage for the forthcoming while - although my power work has been coming along so well I'll have to see if I can make some small gains in that also (I'm not expecting too much more if I start putting in some distance work though).

Be nice to get on some real rock soon though. The weather was wild here on Sunday which meant that not a whole lot could be done, pretty frustrating at present as I'm missing routes.

Now, on another note, where's that list of people I have to buy presents of...... :)

Travel plans!

Why am I climbing?