Why can't lots of companies do this?


O.k., so we don't get as much sun in Ireland, but as I sit here on a Saturday afternoon in late November where the sun is beating down (although it is absolutely freezing), you definitely can't argue that we don't get poor weather.

My building sits on the edge of the Wicklow hills, it's six stories high, and could quite easily house a pile of solar panels on the roof to power the ridiculous amount of computers in the building. And there's always the possibility of wind, most people will agree it's pretty blustery in Sandyford!
From the view from my office, the amount of buildings I can see that could quite easily convert their roofs into mini-power supplies (let's face it, the roofs aren't used for much else anyway!), there's a bit of a solution to the eco problem without having to put ourselves out too much.
On the subject of eco, why is it that my company DUMPS all it's old computers and doesn't recycle them or donate them. Having requested an old one as a cheap-and-chearful internet computer, I was informed that there was no procedure in place for this!!!?!?!? What the hell? It's basic shit like this that pisses me off, if people just showed some initiative, they could easily arrange this and I'm sure either some school (if they were donated) or a staff member, would happily make use of a 2/3 year-old pc, even for internet browsing or writing up documents.
Now, I've got my eco rant off my chest for the day ;)

And on the subject of the weather in Ireland, it was meant to be blustery (o.k., I suppose that part is still true) but lots of showers as well. Think I'll have to try get out and make the most of the day.......

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