My own incentives & plans

I've just realised that I may was well talk the talk.
My goals? Well, I'm lean (that's a no-brainer) but seriously lacking in the strength department (to people who know me, I mean for sports routes and bouldering, not for trad routes!) so work on this.
I've kicked this off with some gym work (I'm actually enjoying this as I have a goal) and finger excercises. Gym work involves lat-pulls, push-ups, bicep curls (only the initial pull as it develops the tendons around the elbow - it seems to be working as well). Need a pull-up bar though.
Finger work involves one-arm hangs at the wall, lots of Al's problems :), some one-arm pull-up practice, and pull-ups (with weight or doing lots of lock-offs). Think it'll be keeping me busy.........It's great to be aware these will be of benefit when I get outdoors again though, can't wait for that to happen soon...
On the climbing side of things (since most of the above are all specific), it'll be lots of laps on the bouldering wall. Will have to be fresh for these!

they call this progress

Climbing incentives