Well, I've watched it (see blog two articles below) and.........it's pretty darn good!
Not what I really expected, well to be honest I didn't really know what to expect, but it defintely surpassed what I hoped for. And as an added bonus you can show it to family and friends so that they realise just how crazy-determined some people actually are :)
There's a couple of crazy falls, I'm sooo glad I wasn't on the end of the rope. There's quite a few falls that just look really, really long, and there's a pretty good insight into someone who genuinely loves what he does. I'm so jealous :)

Very inspirational to see someone put that much effort into something to believe in. Maybe it's something we could all learn from? Maybe not as focused on one thing, but I know I could (?Should?) definitely apply myself a bit more to some things in my life. Now, how's that for a deep thought :)

Anyway, for anyone considering it, all I can say is I highly recommend buying this. And yes, you will watch it more than twice ;o)

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