Climbing incentives

O.k., I had to put this up just while it was rolling around my head the last while.
Basically, what's everyone's ambitions for the Winter?
Fair enough, that sounds daft, but remember I'm thinking long-term here, so what's everyone aiming for next summmer?
Now see where I'm going? You've got to work back from here, give yourself an incentive. Granted, we haven't got the biggest/highest wall to use (be it UCD or DCU or wherever your local wall is), but we can still make the most of it.
So give yourself an incentive, be it to climb a new grade at bouldering during the winter with the added benefit that it'll also make those moves in Ailladie/Gola/Muckross/FairHead that much easier next Summer, to increasing your stamina so you find yourself trundling up your projects of last Summer and actually getting to ENJOY THE VIEW cause your arms aren't ballooning and you can't see your next piece of gear (this is my experience talking :).

Of course, if you're happy with where you're at also, that's no bad thing - I'd be willing to bet you've got other things in life a hell of a lot more important.

And most importantly, enjoy yourself!, what's the point if you're not gaining from it?

Of course, if anyone is willing, stick a post or two in the comments, or mail me directly if you've any thoughts on this.

My own incentives & plans

Who still wishes they could laugh like this all the time!?