ANOTHER injury!

I don't believe this, yep, it's another one. But this is a little more interesting for me: I've manged to pull a ligament in my lower back. Bloody hell, what next?! :) A lesson to anyone feeling aches in their backs: make sure to get them looked at. If this is only due to a ligament strain, I can only imagine what a real back injury is like.....

Anyway, I got pummelled by a physio today all in the name of recovery so hopefully it'll do it's job. Now, about 10 hours later, I'm not so sure but it isn't the first time that I've had a physio session and come out feeling a lot worse than when I went in. And I know this physio is good, when his primary recommendation for treatment is to keep putting ice on it. That's someone talking sense, as I can completely vouch for this fact. [Useless information for today: by cooling the injured area, not only does it help with reducing inflammation, it also means that your body increases it's blood flow to the area due to the temperature difference and also as it gets the impression of a serious injury.]
Anyway, we'll see, it doesn't seem to be affecting me anywhere except for sitting in work so it's not causing too many problems :)


they call this progress