climbing training and technology thoughts

Two day rest from training and am I glad! It's definitely a sign that I've adapted to hard training now that I can train for multiple days straight without injuring or damage. I'm feeling the increases as well, if anything I'm in the best condition I've ever been. Especially now that I've figured out how to get my shoulders a bit stronger :)

on a thought provocing note, I'm sitting a this tech conference for work and I'm seeing phones that can:
1. Video your golf swing and in realtime tell you what you're doing wrong
2. Full satellite navigation through the handset. I.e. google map AND showing you where you are as you walk.
3. Take a picture of some text with the camera and the phone goes off and translates it on the spot.

So, the question is: is all this actually useful or is technology taking over lives? Obviously ignore any pricing issues! You can comment below....

P.s. i've ordered E11, the new climbing DVD so will hopefully arrange a group viewing. Any ideas on where we can do this? I can get the projector, so where's there a big room?

is it a boat? Is it a yacht? No, it's a hotel!

Bouldering season kicks off again