Bouldering season kicks off again

Mid-flight, originally uploaded by neal_mcquaid.

Well, it's October so other than the evenings getting shorter, this can only mean one thing.............bouldering starts in Ireland again!

The midges are gone, it's getting colder, are skin is all soft from lack of granite in 4/5 months, the bouldering mats have been dusted off, and it begins again.

Christian mid-flight on the back of Big Jim (the boulder's name) in Glendalough. A nice warm-up for people climbing in the higher grades. Both himself and Andy looked like they've a great season ahead, better get the finger out if I'm going to keep up (that's arrogance from me that I'm already keeping up :)

Was actually great to be back, even with my newly tweaked finger (first finger injury I've every had which doesn't cause me problems while climbing?!?!). There's such a great buzz amongst a group of boulderers that it's hard to not get psyched!!!!! Bring it on.....


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