Wales 2-day roadtrip

o.k. how to you possibly have a roadtrip in two days?!?!

Well, you arrive on Friday night, go to LPT for a quick look (it's too late to climb). Then on Saturday, you go to LPT for the morning before the tide gets too high. You tick off a 6a and 7a+ in that time (Night Glue being the 7a+. Looks quality, Rob and Dave did it before the water was lapping at our feet).
Then you head back for some lunch, before heading to Dinbren. Do some 6c and +'s, then work a 7c (Flowers are for the Dead). Crimpy!!! I'll leave that till I've developed FoS (Fingers of Steel). Finish off with the fun Fire (7b), big undercuts: i.e. fun fun fun. Dave missed his clean ascent of ?? 7a+, unlucky. Rob ticked Fire also.
Then hit the road to Manchester to watch some atheltics races (Caroline was running). Miss the race after an epic 2-hour drive so watch some other races before retiring home for pasta & chicken (raw energy!) and some Tiger beers (on Rob's recommendation: good choice!). Realise we're after driving more than 200 miles in a day. Pass out early.

Off to Devils Gorge, Dave's local crag. Weird, dark, quarried little hole in the ground with some fun sports routes. Tick Echoes (7a+) as a warmup, and then fluff Grand Canyon (7b+) on redpoint. Muppet, I was cruising. It's all good though. Home for lunch, then off to LPT. tick another fun re-warmup route and then work moves on I've Been a Bad Bad Boy (7c (arguments over the grade seem to be the order of the day!). Bit too late and tired to give it a proper lash, there'll be another time. Dave works it also, looks enlightened after it. Home for more grub and to chill. Work for 11:30am on the Monday morning.

Don't feel stiff whatsoever today. Training is working. Just need more time on hard sports routes (nothing new there). Bring it on.

Photos (see here) supplied by Dave's camera. Taken by myself, Dave & Rob.

Updated: LPT is Lower Pen Trywn, in North Wales. Basically where a lot of the hardest sports climbs were put up in the mid-80's. All the crags mentioned above are North Wales!

Some good photos from the Burren last weekend

Idle climbing thoughts