Idle climbing thoughts

Well, it's the Tuesday after a Bank Holiday and thought I'd do a little reflection.

It really is great to see how active the scene in Ireland is at present, with about 12 people camping in Muckross and another 60 (yes, I said sixty) people on Gola Island for the weekend. You definitely can't argue that there's no-one climbing at present!

And it's also impressive to see the grades that people are working at? There's a very regular group pushing themselves throughout the grade levels from HS all the way up to E5/6. Who knows what'll happen when some of them get to climb regularly, i.e. without Real World distractions, etc. for a while ;o)

It's great to see so many people going for it!

Also, Muckross is still showing potential for new routes, there's definitely a few lines (at least waiting for ascents) although it remains to be seen whether it'll be this generation or the next............

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