HIP Burren adventures & clocking up air miles

UPDATED (22/08/06): Dawid's photos can be found here

So, another adventurous weekend in the Burren.
Firstly, we had some not-so-regular visitors for the weekend in the form of Dave who was making a quick raid back home to Eire to try tick some routes he'd been dying to do for ages. And also, we had Rachel, our visitor from Salt Lake City, how had made the big move to come to Eire for her two-week annual holiday. Respect!

The weather didn't play ball unfortunately so lots of routes were a little slimy. That didn't stop people attacking lots of routes, noticeably Dawid and Angela on The Ocean (E2) and Angela having a go at Route 32 (E2), Kev and Peter on Sharkbait (E5), Dave on Forbidden Kink (what a quality line!), and my working of Very Big Springs. Needless to say, there was lots of falling off, although Dawid kept up the good work with a clean ascent of The Ocean :)

Also, that mystery line beside Bunnan Bui that Diarmuid did recently (and who knows before that....), very very nice and Dave definitely gets fall of the weekend while trying to clip the peg! Imagine a barndoor as you clip the peg, a dive for the draw to clip it, but your top piece of gear rips...... Highly entertaining for me as I was on the other end of the rope :)

Progress was made on my project anyways (see above), almost linked it all clean without trouble. One slip due to the wet (it was pretty slimey in sections), and a re-working of the upper section to make it much more amenable. If I can get it on a dry day now, I might consider doing it properly......

Anyway, the acronym of the week: HIP == Hardcore Irish People. Generously attributed to us by Rachel after suriving a soggy day in Ailladie, followed by a pint or two, and straight into a late night chat at the top of the crag.

Hopefully one of those problems we all did on Sunday down on the Doolin boulders hasn't been named yet, and can be christened this? Along with HAP, it's neighbouring problem ;) Pretty soggy day yesterday, oh well. Although after all the excitement on Saturday, I don't think my arms/shoulders are complaining too much.
Must get my training organised again, it's not been very frequent the last while, and I'm definitely not recovering as well as I should after a weekend due to it.....feck!

Daft Punk @ Marley Park

Some good photos from the Burren last weekend