Rest Day - woohoo

After a hard few days of training, it's Thursday and that can only mean it's rest day. Feeling nicely used from the training over the past few days so the muscles are all grateful of a day off :)

Weaknesses at present are largely strength/power related, so it's been a week of pull-ups, campusing and intervals. All alongside the running program of course.

It's amazing how well our systems adapt to new stresses and challenges so well. I've been picking the training up gradually over the past two weeks to the point now that I can really push hard.

I was sitting there amazed at all the drivers on my way into The Big Smoke this morning on my way to work. It's bizarre that they've all just accepted their position. Do they all not realise that by spending at least two hours a day in their car on their way to work, they're wasting almost 30 days of their life PER YEAR?!?!? I can't talk I suppose after doing it myself for a time, but at least I'm currently working on getting out of that system.
And it's amazing to talk to someone and find out that at one point they "were married, and had the house, and the cat and dog, and good job", but gave it all up as they realised that it didn't really make their life any better. They had all these possessions, but none of it really made life fulfulling. Full respect to the person who made that call, you know who you are.

Training since last update:
2.5 mile run, 4 mile hilly run
campusing & pull-up session, intervals (estimated 30-move sequence, 4-min rest).

Gemma Hayes

E2 day, Fair Head