Nokia N73 pics

Also, for anyone interested you can see pics taken with the new Nokia N73 cameraphone.

Pics can be found here: along with any photos I've used in this blog, most of which were taken with the Nokia 6680 (the standard 3G phone that Voda offer).

Anyway, the N73. There's a great 3.2 MP camera to use with it, and as with a lot of the new Nokia's it's that got that great physical setup of a button on the side of the phone which makes it feel like a camera when using it. Pity they can't get all the screen orientations correct however when it displays options as it'll drive you mad turning the phone back and forth to access certain menu options.
This was especially noticeable when using the built-in Flickr uploader (basically an option on-screen that asks whether you want to publish the photo to the internet in a Flickr account). Unfortunately after accepting this option, you then have to turn the phone back to the normal position....... Also, make sure you've an unlimited data plan for your mobile phone (or an account like mine ;) as the images are all about 1Mb in size!

For anyone else, who's looking to upload pics to the web from their handset, one option is Shozu's application. It gives you the option of sending your pics to Flickr, and a few other choices including Kodak's offering.

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