E2 day, Fair Head

A fun day spent out on Fair Head last Sunday with Mr. Lawless.

A very pleasant experience ticking off the multi-pitches Mizen Star and Equinox, and finishing off the day with The Embankment. All E2, and not very stressful, but my arms weren't complaining after the bouldering abuse at UCD on Friday and Saturday.

In for some more hard work with arms-only bouldering yesterday evening. Worked out well with just a short, hard session. Arms feeling nicely used by the end of it.

I'm more than happy that my arms are starting to stand up all the training work of the past two weeks. I'll have to keep up the strength and interval work now for the next couple of months. It's a bit annoying with a three week break in September to head to China, but after not taking a 'normal' holiday in more than 8 years, maybe it's not such a bad idea :)

I'll aim for a trip in November to Spain however, so that'll give me an incentive for when I get back from China. And hopefully I'll get some climbing in there also ;o)

As for thoughts, after some chatting at the weekend, my priorities in climbing:
1) Sports (although not ideal considering we don't have any in this country - that should tell me something)
2) Trad
3) Bouldering (although I've a feeling these are interchangeable at different times of the year!)

I'm starting to realise that I love the challenge of pushing my climbing also. I'm guessing this comes from a lifetime of playing sports (i.e. I've never known anything better). The buzz is coming back anyway to get my focus back in climbing, to push my grades. I've lost focus a bit this year (partly due to work problems) but largely because I forgot that......

Rest Day - woohoo

recovering after a nervous breakdown on Crib Goch