Dinner time reading

Dinner time reading
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Full respect to Climb magazine, they've pulled together some top quality articles. It may be trying to cover all bases by hitting everything from bouldering to trad to sports to mountaineering, but it's done in professional enough way that's it's readable.....

Just finished a couple of great days training. Two good runs (one long, hard) and one recovery. Along with a pull-up session to start off a day followed that evening by a great bouldering session. Weird how well it went considering I've been bouldering so poorly the past while. Wasn't complaining anyway ;)

And finished off the two days with an interval session with Kev. Didn't go as well as planned, but worked out a much better (i.e. harder) lap of the UCD wall. The hard work begins........

Nokia N73 pics

Repair after a busy weekend ;)