World Cup kick-off

Well.......the World Cup has kicked off so at least I've something to do while I'm in work at present. Bloody hell, it's boring (work, not the World Cup :)!

At least I'm set-up now. I'm using this as the blog, for the travel blog as I can do that funky mapping with it, and using my own photo gallery

Seems like a good way of doing it. I'm yet to find a site that does it all though :)

Latest updates. Was up in Fair Head last weekend for a bit.
ticked Blind Pew (E2), and Mizen Star (E2 - both pitches) on the Monday with Steve. Cheers to Steve for putting up with my faffing on Mizen Star! A minor epic ensued with no chalk, and an aborted fall (it's amazing how determined you can be to stop a fall sometimes :).
Second day, Angela put in an awesome lead on Midnight Cruiser. Photos can be found here.

After that, I ticked off Railroad (E1) with Joanne. Nice route, TONS of gear. Joanne was pretty wrecked after that, so just got her to belay me up The Embankment (E2) after that. Nice route, sparce gear but moves all felt handy. Will enjoy it properly another time.

After that, an amusing experience getting Joanne's car jump-started involving a set of jump leads MISSING any connectors. John & Anne Arran looked as bemused as I did ;o)

Saturday stuck in the Big Smoke

on the way home from Fair Head