Saturday stuck in the Big Smoke

Ended up out at Carole/Eoin/Baz's BBQ after work last night. Sooo tempting to have a couple of drinks but was keen to get out and do something active today before work so avoided it. Still tempting though!

Had a good chat about my China trip in September also. Hopefully have the tickets booked by early next week which will be sweet. Something to look forward to!!!!

Have to comment on my new earphones also (thanks sis). Bought a pair of Shure E2c's. wow. Amazing silencing. It's quite pleasant walking around without having to hear the noise of the city :) And the quality is top notch also, I can't believe I put up with the standard iPod Naao earphones for the past 6 months. Pricey though at 70 euros via Ebay, although I can't believe Peats in Ireland are charging 170euros for them?!?!?

roll on the end of work!

busy in work

World Cup kick-off