Camera - ongoing indecision and my rant on power supplies :)

this is dragging on for a while.

Now added the Sony H5 to the list. Seems to be good competition for the Panasonic FZ-7, the current leader at present. Like the size, although I wonder if going with MemorySticks (and Sony's notorious proprietry formats).
I also like the fact that it runs off (2) AA batteries though, less grief with spending (minimum) 50 euros buying a battery that only fits one piece of electronics!

On that note, why can't all the companies just come up with one common connector, and maybe one/two/three different types of batteries (depending on size of device, etc). At least it would limit the amount of different chargers that I need while travelling. Why not give them all a common USB jack for connectivity and power?!?!? Or even go with the most ubiquitous connector there currently is: the Nokia power supply. Although, even they've managed to go and ruin it with the new 606... series, as they've gone an shrunk it again. idiots.


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