A quiet Sunday

Yep, it's Sunday and another quiet day at the office (in work).

Anyways, climbing reference again. I've a sports climbing trip coming up to either Rodellar or Siurana for the first week in April so have only about 5 weeks to go! That means about 4 weeks of work and a week to chill out.
unfortunately training hasn't gone well this year - it's been very stop/start. Very frustrating from my point of view. So, the general plan is just to get some bouldering (get the contact strength back up - finger boarding would be fairly futitle as I'll get enough gains just by waking up the fingers again), and some interval training. My stamina still isn't too bad (never has been) so don't need to focus on it too much, although the routes look lonnnngggggg in Rodellar! Maybe worth considering a bit.
So tomorrow morning (Monday) before work, it'll be a 1-2 hour bouldering session. Then after work, I'll aim to get a another light session in. We'll see how it goes!

If I look at it, there's three areas of training: strength, power-endurance (aka 'intervals'), and endurance (aka 'stamina'). At the moment, my definite weaknesses are in the strength and intervals. Goes with my physique I suppose. So the hard work has to begin now, as the summer is getting closer!

As for work, might have a new job starting soon, we'll see how it affects the work-life balance (I'm hoping for the better!)........

Quiet day on the 'web, thank The Sports Gods for the Sunday Times to read :)

Hard training

the first post and it's about...you guessed it...climbing!