Last day before the long weekend :)

Well, Tuesday evening was interesting. Had a good chat with website designer at the UCD wall, and got some good advice on Campusing.
Basically, it involves the use of Ben Moon's training advice for campusing. I'll modify it as usual for my own preferences, but it seems to have some good options. I'm starting to realise that it's my major strength weakness, it's really showing up on the steep stuff!

So, anyway, was feeling a bit tired from the previous two days (although not as much as expected which is great considering the lack of excercise I've been getting!) so had a short campus session. This was more for learning however, try and find what'll be good to work at.
So, I'm grand at 1-3-5-7-9, etc. and can keep going for quite a while, but once I start moving above that, i.e. 1-4-7 I struggle BADLY!!!!!! What an incentive to work at though.

So after that, on with the iPod, and started doing laps. Managed 20 minutes on the vertical/mild angle wall before there was too many people, so jumped onto the bouldering wall. Did another 10 minutes straight on that (back-to-back with the other 20 minutes), till I'd worked up a major sweat and was starting to feel used. took a 10 minute break, and then repeated the 10 minutes on the bouldering wall. By now wayyyy too many people on the wall so did a load of stretching afterwards, and packed it in after that.
All in all, much better than expected!

Anyway, off to Wales so update next week.......

DVD's, Pancakes and by the way, Wales was F%$king Freezing!!!!!

Hard training