Hard training

well, it's almost a week since the last update.
I realised that I'd only 3 weeks to the trip so the hard work kicked off with style at the weekend.

  1. Last Friday was intervals
  2. Sunday was bouldering and some light routes to finish off.
  3. Monday morning was swimming (first time in over 6 months - phew :)
  4. Monday evening was some light hanging off the board and some shoulder work (my weakness in strength)
  5. Tuesday morning was intervals again (25-ish moves, 3-1/2 minute rest in between)
  6. Tuesday evening will be stamina (30-mins on, 10 mins rest, repeat)

Since it's Paddy's weekend, it's off to Wales to meet the ex-Pats for some cragging at Clwyd (looks great!). So probably have a light jogging session tomorrow morning to start building up the leg (that's a whole other story - short answer is tearing the Patellar tendon in my knee...).

Maybe a light session tomorrow evening, and then rest all Thursday for the 3 days of hard work! will update later.....

Last day before the long weekend :)

A quiet Sunday