the first post and it's guessed it...climbing!

Well, eventually got around to starting one of these. I've a feeling it's just going to be full of general waffle/ideas/info I find and feel would be useful for myself (and -unlikely - someone else!).

First things first: some info. Rock Climbing is the main hobby, but also get kicks from most outdoor sports (I've tried my hand at ice climbing, scuba diving, snowboarding (more on that some other time), hill running, etc.). Working for a Mobile Phone operator based in Dublin, Ireland. Wishes he was working from an apartment somewhere closer to my hobbies :)

First things first - a home climbing wall. Found a great link off someone else's blog ( for how to build a climbing wall. Person supplied a pile of links:
Uncarved Block
Synrock Holds
Pawn Climbing

It's amazing though, I looked up this sort of thing about 2 years ago and couldn't find a thing?!? Mustn't have figured out how to use Google properly back then ;)
Anyway, now all I have to do is buy my own house now and I'll be sorted........

I'll keep it short to start off with.

A quiet Sunday