DVD's, Pancakes and by the way, Wales was F%$king Freezing!!!!!

Well Wales passed by and I'm now back in the Real World.

How the weekend went.......
Nige picked us up from Holyhead and brought us back to the climber's gaff in Bangor. Fingerboard above the kitchen table, holds up the side of the stairs - a real climber's place! One late night later (due to travelling - can't blame anything else :), we dragged ourselves to Parseilla's Cave on the Great Orme for Paddy's Day bouldering. By now the Team Ireland consisted of myself, Kev P, Steve, Sean M, Kev M, Nige, Matt, Leon and Dave. As usual our highly organised plan revolved around turning up the cave with one of the smallest Bouldering mats between us. Not that any of us minded - Kev had strained a stomach muscle so was out for the day, and Dave was still injured so there's wasn't that many of us - as it was freezing and the travelling had taken it's toll.
So, one evening consisting of a few beers, and several DVD's (Dosage Vol 3, Dosage Vol 1, The Big Issue - yep, climbing DVD's :) sorted that all out!

As for Dave's wall, well......here it is. Awesome home board, and as solid as it looks. Now wishing I could build my own if I'd the room!!!

Saturday morning, hmm the car thermometer says it's 1.5 degrees - maybe I should have brought that extra fleece after all.
And we're off to Clywd. Okayyyyyy, lots of snow on the upper road across the moor.
And at the crag, I'm on a 6a+ and I think I'm going to pass out it's so cold. I'm not kidding, I think I'm going to die. The Cold. Well, maybe not, but it sure feels easier than the state of me at the time. The Cold. So manage to tick off another route or two (up to 6c - all fingery, so hard going in that weather!). The Cold. By the way, can't remember the name of the area (see photo here)but there's a pretty funky remains of a castle across the hill from it. The Cold.

So off to Dinbrin after that for some more suffering, sorry climbing. O.k., maybe it's not just The Cold. Turns out it's wayyy more fun over here. More protected, although the trees show signs of some major winds going through the crag at some point. Choice of routes starting from 6b and up. We're all trying hard, but conditions are helping - everything feels hard :)

Anyway, Kev did a funky 6b "Driller Thriller" with a steep finish, Steve followed.
Séan went up a 6c, a few of us followed, me included. Kev ticked another 6c+, and Nige was on another.
Myself and Kev M finished off with a 7a. Nice moves, nothing too difficult on it. Exactly the sort of routes I needed for this weekend.

And then we abandoned ship for the 6Nations final match. The plan was to hit a pub for the finale, but no chance as we arrived back 10 minutes into the second half. Still though, probably better we weren't in the pub after the result ;) Great match, even the non-rugby-fans - an amazing afternoon.
So, some more chilling and beers passed the evening

Sunday involved some more cragging in Dinbrin, and some snowball fights. I'm "a pacifist" so wasn't involved ;) A few laps on the 6b and 6b+ of the crag (everyone else was doing the same thing!) - by now the cold wasn't so bad. Repeated the 7a. The Cold. That's enough, Kev P had a go at a 7b, and fell off along with Nige (although pretty good going for a warm-up!). And then we're off, the usual dash for the ferry. Although after 'barely' making it on, they announce that the tide is too low so we're stuck for another hour in dock. It's amazing how little there is to do on the HSS........
And now back to the Real World......
Got an hour's stretching in today, a good way to loosen up after the weekend.

Tomorrow's plan is go go go go. 2 weeks to Spain so some good work needed!!!!
Over and out.

new blog for my training info

Last day before the long weekend :)